Fun and games; a new way for your
child to learn about dental care


The gr8 smile club website is an innovative and unique offering made available to all children’s plan members, providing a useful tool for parents and dentists to encourage children to take an interest in their dental health.

The main aim of the website is to establish a proactive approach to dental hygiene early in children’s lives. The site is essentially a game from beginning to end, based in a dental practice and consciously avoiding any suggestion that a visit to the dentist is something to be afraid of.

Children who visit the site will find themselves in the reception area of a dental practice, where the format of the site will be explained by a friendly receptionist. Your child will then be able to go through the various rooms in a dental surgery, playing games, learning about dentistry and meeting various characters along the way, including a princess, an ogre and a time-travelling tooth called Timmy!

When your child has made their way through each stage of the website, they will return to the reception area, having qualified for various additional features, including printouts, pictures to colour in, a brushing chart and a gr8 smile club competition!